What Some Clients Have To Say

The Denver law office of James Ruterbories P.C. is here to provide clients with the reliable legal services they need when they find themselves in a business, civil, or criminal law situation. Mr. Ruterbories understands the law and is ready, willing, and able to help guide you through your case. Take a look below for just a few examples of the satisfied customers that have worked with Mr. Ruterbories’ law office.



I don’t know if you remember me but my son got in some trouble in high school about 15 years ago.  I wanted to thank you for what you did for him/us and tell you that I think something you said to him back then changed him forever.  You told him that he didn’t want to go to a juvenile detention center because if he wasn’t bad when he went in, chances are he would be bad when he came out.  I really think that stayed with him and made him think about his future.  I am so very proud to say that he enlisted in the army and is now a high ranking and elite serviceman.  He has been deployed several times and was even injured severely, but he recuperated back to 100% and went back to work within 6 months.  He is married and now has 4 little boys!  He is a wonderful husband and daddy!  I know attorneys sometimes get a bad rap, but I wanted you to know that you helped change a confused teenager’s life for the better!  I hope things are going well with you! Thanks again”

“Hello Mr. Ruterbories: You may not remember me, but when we first met and thanks to your work, my mom was able to get a divorce from biological father.  She later remarried and with your work again my step dad was able to adopt me as his own.  Really you were the first and last step in officially removing from biological father from my life, which I greatly appreciate. Along with that you were my first exposure to the world of law, I loved it.  I’ve held on to that, and now as a senior in high school I am preparing myself to head into college and become a lawyer myself. You’ve shown me where I want to end up in life, someday I will be practicing family law, paying special attention to helping the children of the situation above all else.  I haven’t had any real exposure along this path.  I hope that you can provide me with the information and real world knowledge that will guide me to be where you are now.  Thank you James, for what you have done for my family and myself in the past.  I hope someday I can inspire a kid the way you have me, and be able to pass along the knowledge you will have shared with me too. Thank you again”

“James truly delivers what he says he will do. We have known and worked with this gentleman since 2007. He represented us for true justice and we have received excellent and professional service. We recommend James’ positive force in our Legal System.”
– Barry

“Even when things seemed very bad, James came through for us and saved our home.”
– Mike & Sherry

“James has represented me for over 10 years. He provided me professional, caring, dedicated, and exceptional legal representation. I am extremely grateful for the great work Mr. Ruterbories has provided me. I will continue to recommend him to people who need a fabulous and successful lawyer.”
– Kim

“James certainly burned the midnight oil on our case. He worked hard, paid attention to detail, was always available when needed and got results I did not think were possible.”
– Melody

“James helped me understand the law when it all seemed so confusing and hard to understand. James was really a great sense of comfort and strength.”
– Erica

“Mr Ruterbories is by far the best attorney I have ever had the pleasure of being represented by.  Not many attorneys are honest, ethical, or care about you or your case, they are only interested in the amount of money they can make off your case.  Mr. Ruterbories is what attorneys should aspire to be. If he takes your case, you can be assured that he cares.  He will do his best for you, and he is above all, honest and trust worthy.  He has gone above and beyond on my case, more so than any other attorney I have ever hired, or disputed.  You wont be disappointed with Mr. Ruterbories. When it comes to legal matters, the right attorney can make the world of difference between a positive outcome or total disaster. I only wish I had met him 10 years ago.”

– Joseph

Contact our law office when you are in need of any legal assistance. Mr. Ruterbories takes care of his abilities to successfully assist customers living throughout the Denver, Colorado area with their legal needs.