Littleton Law Firm Lawyer

Looking for an experienced, knowledgeable lawyer in Littleton to assist with your business, family, or personal needs? Mr. Ruterbories combines nearly two decades of experience as a Colorado lawyer with compassion and understanding to help clients in Littleton, Colorado navigate the legal system.

Client Education and Knowing Your Rights

Mr. Ruterbories and his law firm work diligently to educate Littleton-area clients about law and empower clients to take necessary precautions to minimize risks to their family or business. Our firm welcomes sensitive conversations with clients so that we can fully understand the circumstances, potential legal implications, and your options, giving the best legal advice for your situation. Through education and knowledge, our firm helps clients avoid costly actions, saving them valuable time, stress and money.

Whether you need civil law advice or family law assistance, criminal law expertise or business law consultation, Mr. Ruterbories and the Firm provides comprehensive legal services in Littleton, Colorado and the surrounding communities. From the Western Slope to the Eastern Plains, clients of Mr. Ruterbories and his firm can rest assured that they are receiving the best legal representation in Colorado.

Our Littleton lawyers specializes in helping customers with legal matters including:

  • Traffic ViolationsLittleton Law Firm
  • Corporate & Business Law
  • Family Law, Child Support, Parenting Issues
  • Complex Civil Litigation
  • Traffic Accidents & Personal Injury
  • Corporation Mergers, Formations and Dissolutions
  • Landlord & Tenant Relations
  • Real Estate & Homeowners Association Disputes
  • Transportation Considerations
  • Collections Assistance
  • Estate & Probate Matters
  • Criminal Law
  • Driving Under the Influence (DUI)
  • Land Use, Water & Municipal Law
  • Juvenile & Dependency & Neglect Litigation
  • Construction-Contractor Law

Littleton, Colorado Business Law Attorney  

As a business owner, protecting your legal business rights may be your most important duty. Rather than risk everything you have worked so hard to build, James Ruterbories P.C., corporate lawyer, can provide you with comprehensive business law support to ensure that you and your business are properly protected.

With an experienced Littleton business lawyer on your side, you can focus on your business while minimizing risks. Corporate attorney James Ruterbories specializes in mergers, business formation, contracts, acquisitions, new business start-ups, franchising and more for all business types, from mid-sized corporations to new startups. Whether you have been in business for decades or days. Mr. Ruterbories and his firm provide corporate law and business law support to meet your needs.

Family Law Expertise in Littleton, Colorado

From divorce to child support, Littleton family law attorney James Ruterbories provides the legal expertise to save you emotional and financial strife. Focused on understanding your needs while minimizing unwarranted stress and heartache, Mr. Ruterbories makes family law, which can prove to be more sensitive than any other type of law, more manageable while achieving a reasonable outcome. Leave the headache out of your family law issues by calling experienced family law attorney James Ruterbories.

Mr. Ruterbories’ family law specialties include:

  • Child SupportLawyer, Law Firm
  • Adoptions
  • Parenting-Time Issues
  • Parental Responsibility Issues
  • Termination of Parental Rights
  • Annulments
  • Divorce (Dissolution of Marriage)
  • Spousal Maintenance
  • Voluntary & Involuntary Conservatorships

DUI Attorney and Criminal Defense Lawyer in Littleton, Colorado

No matter how big or how small, criminal litigation and criminal charges can carry intense repercussions. Having Littleton’s top experienced criminal defense lawyer James Ruterbories, P.C. on your side can make the process more manageable. Whether it’s a DUI or robbery, having Mr. Ruterbories’ expertise as soon as possible can help you or a loved one navigate the overwhelming criminal law process, from investigation through the criminal trial.

Mr. Ruterbories specializes in criminal law in Littleton, Colorado including:

  • Theft
  • Drug Offenses
  • Traffic Crimes
  • Weapon Charges
  • Fraud & White Collar Crimes
  • Abuse
  • Domestic Violence

Littleton, Colorado Probate Lawyer and Probate Litigation Expertise

Littleton probate attorney James Ruterbories can help navigate the overwhelming probate legal system when a family member passes, saving you unnecessary stress and minimizing confusion. He specializes in all types of probate law, from estate matters to guardianship for minor children. As a probate law expert, Mr. Ruterbories is skilled at trust planning, wills, establishing medical power of attorney, delegating power of attorney, and more to protect your assets and plan for your family. Mr. Ruterbories understands the complexities of family law and estate law, and also offers representation for conservatorships, both involuntary and voluntary.

For the best probate law support in Littleton, Colorado, contact the law firm of James Ruterbories, P.C. for legal services, advice and private consultation.