Centennial Law Firm Lawyer

Combined with experience just shy of 20 years as a lawyer in Parker, Colorado, Mr. Ruterbories’s skills and knowledge enable him to properly assist in any legal situation, for you, your family and its members, or your business. When it comes to helping you navigate the complexities of the United States legal system, Mr. Ruterbories and his law firm are able to take great pride in their capability to aid those who need it.

Educating Clients about Their Rights

In order to help arm clients against possible threats to their businesses or families, the Law Firm aims to offer education to clients about the areas of law they require. Impartial conversations with clients allows the Firm to aid understanding of how their legal actions and decisions might negatively or positively affect them. Your family and your business could potentially save money, stress, and time by acquiring knowledge of the law. If you are in need of civil, family, business, or criminal law services, in the Parker, Colorado area, please contact Mr. Ruterbories and his firm. We want potential clients from all over the state to feel that they will have confident, experienced representation from our lawyers.

In Parker, our lawyer focuses on assisting clients with legal matters such as:

  • Criminal Law & DUILawyer Centennial
  • Transportation
  • Family Law, Child Support, Parenting Matters
  • Landlord & Tenant
  • Traffic Offenses
  • Land Use, Water & Municipal Law
  • Corporation Formation, Mergers and Dissolutions
  • Complex Civil Litigation
  • Collections Assistance
  • Personal Injury & Traffic Accidents
  • Probate & Estates
  • Construction-Contractor Law
  • Juvenile & Dependency & Neglect Law
  • Corporate & Business Litigation
  • Real Estate & Homeowners Association Disputes

Business Law

James Ruterbories P.C., corporate lawyer, offers business law services to clients to help protect them and their companies from the great risks that come from owning businesses. The legal rights of a businessman is often the most important aspect of being an owner. By choosing an experienced, corporate lawyer out of Parker, who can defend your interests, you can protect the company you’ve built. Whether you need business law services for startups or mid-sized enterprises, attorney James Ruterbories can assist you with franchising, mergers, dissolutions, contracts, acquisitions, conversions, and new business start-ups. At our firm, we will always ensure that our services identify potential legal problems, and help you minimize these risks.

Family Law Attorney in Parker, Colorado

While family law cases may involve substantial amounts of unneeded conflict, strife, and emotional heartache, in addition to a financial toll, James Ruterbories will bring the knowledge and experience needed to help you minimize these aspects in this area of law. When legal matters involve family members, they are never easy, but your lawful position will be defended during negotiations by Mr. Ruterbories, to achieve an equitable outcome. Mr. Ruterbories’s professional assistance will aid you in resolving issues as painlessly as it can, with as little stress and conflict as possible.

Ready to assist you with:

  • Voluntary & Involuntary ConservatorshipsLawyer, Law Firm
  • Child Support
  • Spousal Maintenance
  • Dissolution of Marriage (Divorce)
  • Annulments
  • Parenting-Time Issues
  • Termination of Parental Rights
  • Parental Responsibility Issues
  • Adoptions

Criminal Defense Attorney and DUI Lawyer in Parker, Colorado

Criminal charges can be an overwhelming experience. Consulting with representation like James Ruterbories P.C., an experienced Parker, Colorado criminal defense attorney, is an essential decision for someone facing criminal charges. Acquiring legal assistance quickly for yourself, or a loved one, who has been arrested, charged, or investigated for any crime is important. Your criminal case could be benefited by Mr. Ruterbories’s dedication, experience, and knowledge.

Criminal Law Cases Can Include:

  • Weapon Charges
  • Theft(s)
  • White-collar Crimes & Fraud
  • Traffic Violations
  • Domestic Violence & Abuse
  • Drug Crimes

Probate Attorney and Law in Centennial, Colorado

Centennial probate attorney James Ruterbories has experience working with a variety of complicated probate legal system issues, which can help you and your family should a family member die. These issues include minor children and their guardianship, and also managing contested estate concerns, particularly if the estate has substantial or unusual assets. Mr. Ruterbories can help you with creating your will, trust planning, establishing powers of attorney, medical or otherwise, and protecting your assets. In probate court, a properly prepared will can save loved ones months of aggravation, and it is an excellent investment you can make for your family’s future. Your interests will always be what Mr. Ruterbories focuses on during representations in family matter cases, including voluntary and involuntary conservatorships.