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Experienced Attorney on Your Side
Mr. Ruterbories has almost 20 years of experience as a lawyer in the state of Colorado, and with that experience comes the skills and knowledge needed to help you or your loved one with any of your legal needs. The staff of the law firm of James Ruterbories takes pride in being able to help those in the Castle Rock community navigate our complex legal system with proper legal aid.

Educating Clients about Their Rights

James Ruterbories, P.C. seeks to educate the people it helps about the area of law that their legal needs require to protect them from the hazards posed against their loved ones or their business. This Law Office speaks candidly with its clients to ensure that they understand their legal situation and the benefits and consequences of any action they make or is made on their behalf. This understanding saves you and your family or business from unnecessary stress, time, and money.

If you are in need of legal assistance of any kind—family, business, civil or criminal law services—don’t hesitate to contact Mr. Ruterbories and his Castle Rock, Colorado law firm. Clients from anywhere in the state of Colorado can be confident that by choosing our lawyers, they will be properly represented.

Our Castle Rock law firm works with legal cases regarding:
• Land Use, Water & Municipal Law
• Collections Assistance
• Personal Injury & Traffic Accidents
• Corporation Formation, Mergers and DissolutionsCastle Rock Law Firm
• Construction-Contractor Law
• Traffic Offenses
• Family Law, Child Support, Parenting Matters
• Landlord & Tenant
• Complex Civil Litigation
• Corporate & Business Litigation
• Transportation
• Probate & Estates
• Criminal Law & DUI
• Juvenile & Dependency & Neglect Law
• Real Estate & Homeowners Association disputes

Business Law
There are risks involved in business ownership and operation, and guarding your business’s legal rights is one of the vital duties borne by every business owner. James Ruterbories P.C. is a corporate lawyer who provides business law services to assist companies in Castle Rock and the surrounding areas protect the businesses they have built from the many hazards facing business owners everywhere.

Cut your risks by calling on the knowledge, skill, experience and expertise of the Castle Rock corporate lawyer firm of James Ruterbories P.C., who will protect your interests and defend the rights you and your business have under the law and find solutions for any of your corporate law or business law needs, for all businesses ranging from small start-ups to medium sized enterprises. Mr. Ruterbories handles legal matters relating to franchising, contracts, mergers, acquisitions, dissolutions, conversions and new businesses start-ups. In a free consultation our firm will take the time to carefully listen to your legal situation and determine where problems may arise and offer expert legal aid advice to help you minimize those risks. Contact Rute Law today to schedule a free consultation.

Family Law Attorney in Castle Rock, Colorado
Family law cases can be the most strife-ridden more than any other branch of the law. The highly emotional nature of these cases can bring much unnecessary conflict and stress. The law firm of Mr. James Ruterbories P.C. has the knowledge and experience needed to bring your case to a quick, decisive, and fair conclusion, avoiding unnecessary heartache and financial burden. Professional legal assistance from the law firm of Mr. Ruterbories will help you to minimize the unnecessary strife and conflict while seeking to bring the issues to resolution as painlessly as possible.

Ready to Assist You with:Lawyer, Law Firm
• Annulments
• Adoptions
• Dissolution of Marriage (Divorce)
• Voluntary & Involuntary Conservatorships
• Parenting-Time Issues
• Child Support
• Termination of Parental Rights
• Spousal Maintenance
• Parental Responsibility Issues

Criminal Defense Attorney and DUI Lawyer in Castle Rock, Colorado
It can be overwhelming to be faced with criminal legal violation, but the most important action to take for anyone who is faced with criminal charges is to consult a defense attorney, like the Castle Rock law firm of James Ruterbories P.C. If you or a loved one have been arrested, charged, or investigated for any kind of criminal charge or offense, it is imperative to seek legal assistance as soon as possible. Mr. Ruterbories has the dedication, knowledge, and experience that you may need to assist you with your defense of your criminal case through our criminal law services.

Criminal Law Cases Can Include:
• Domestic Violence & Abuse
• White-Collar Crimes & Fraud
• Theft(s)
• Traffic Violations
• Drug Crimes
• Weapon Charges

Probate Attorney and Law in Castle Rock, Colorado
If one of your loved ones passes, the emotional trauma may make it difficult to handle all of the probate legal considerations that must be resolved. The law office of James Ruterbories P.C. is an experienced firm that can work out any contested estate issues regarding substantial or unusual or settle complications of guardianship for minor children. You can turn to Mr. Ruterbories if you need help assembling a will, need assistance power of attorney or medical power of attorney, need help protecting your assets, or need help planning a trust. Having a properly prepared last will and testament will save your loved ones months of stress in probate court and one of the finest investments in your loved ones’ future that you can make.
Mr. Ruterbories also is skilled at representing his clients’ interests in cases involving family matters such as voluntary and involuntary conservatorships.

Probate and defense attorney James Ruterbories P.C. of Rute Law offers professional criminal law services and other legal aid solutions for parties seeking courageous representation. Contact the law offices of probate attorney James Ruterbories, P.C. for a private consultation and legal advice.